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This client creates image-driven landing pages for the partners of OCS™ company, to help choose the best backup solution by Veritas™.

Promo, branding, site

Before getting down to actual work, we came up with a separate way for each group. If the user knows what he wants, he just picks the solution in two clicks. If he needs some assistance, there is an inquiry with 4 pretty simple questions, that provide the correct answer with a 95%+ accuracy. The black hole idea came right from the term “backup” itself. Backup is supposed to endlessly devour and store any amounts of data, acting like a gravity well for everything that happens in the company. To support that idea, we decided to implement a “data creation” process by every move of the mouse.

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    For the ones who need guidance and assistance, we have made an inquiry, equipped with smooth animations on every step to display what is going on. E.g. when we ask the amount of hardware the client possesses, the black hole expands or becomes smaller, depending on an answer.

  • Done
    • Web-design + adaptive
    • SMM pack
    • Branding
    • Promotional materials
    • Frontend+Backend