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The client ordered a portal for distance learning of the SPBUME students. The website includes a landing with a registration form and a portal with all the necessary information.

Promo, branding, site

The goal was to create a formal, but modern website containing information and news about the university. Thus, it was decided to use the strict dark-grey and eye-catching red colors. The interior of the portal includes dialogues with faculty, payment information, communication with administration, general student schedule. Both applicants and students are connected to the portal, the user roles change depending on the progression of the university pathways. The following roles are implemented on the portal: applicant, student, teacher, and administrator.

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    As a result, we developed a portal that allows you to immerse the student in a single educational environment from the applicant to the graduate and the teacher.

  • Done
    • Web-design + adaptive
    • SMM pack
    • Branding
    • Frontend+Backend